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 dannys mod app

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PostSubject: dannys mod app   dannys mod app I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 01, 2010 12:57 pm

User-name: danny
How long where you playing? joined this morning but been on all day. and i will be on like that most of the time there helping peaple Smile

If you were mod/admin what would you do to help Dark-Kaos? well 1, better videos could be done, advertise then they got a active staff on all the time. and i would be at home helping new peaple (i already do Wink)

How would you handle a tough situation with a EX: hacker/duper?right
duper: i would ask him to give me duped stuff to me right away check his bank and take tell ninja p o o what i think has been duped if he says no i will give him a last warning, if he still says no i will jail him for 1 hour. and take his name ofor ninja p o o.

hacker: right with hackers its quite hard i would try to calm them down ask them why there hacking this server not some other shitty one cos this is the best and if he doesnt comply ban his ip for 2 hours and take name for ninja p o o

Dose it change the way you help Dark-Kaos if you were given a spot? nope not one bit itll be same becouse i already help alot.

Why should we choose you for mod? becouse im funny(not to imature tho) can handle situations and always there to help and i am on hell of alot.

Why should we choose you over the next person? yes i know i joined this morning but im always helpfull and there to cry/say shit to and i wont get anoyed/or even have a go at id take it plus im on alot.

If you didn't Get mod, what would you do? keep playing and be the same helpfull self

Do you help, and get players now? yes i try to get players and show peaple round when is see there new

Any other Reason why we should choose you? becouse im kool minded always there to help Smile i love this server yes i joined this morning but no need to look down check my play time Smile ive been on alot and itl be like this alot Smile
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dannys mod app
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