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 Tha Triple OG Guide.

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Tha Triple OG Guide. Empty
PostSubject: Tha Triple OG Guide.   Tha Triple OG Guide. I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 4:00 pm

Ch'yuh Nigguh. So you're hear to be TRIPLE OG! Jus' like me!

You're gunna need alot of shit to do to be triple OG dagger.
First off cuzz.. You gotta have some bad ass dress code:
Something like:
Luh dat shit Iran plate body.
Luh dat shit Addaymant plate leggin.
Luh dat shit Black Kiteshield.
Luh dat shit Mithril full helmet.
Luh dat shit Power ammy.
And dun forget dat luh dat shit steel scimmy nigguh.

Nun of dat cape shiet boot shiet glove shiet dawggg....
So nigga you gunna lookalike dat:
Tha Triple OG Guide. Untitled

And you gotta talk bare shit to da mandems!
Somethang like dat:
Tha Triple OG Guide. Untitled1

Be sure to luh dat shit!

And there you have it.. how to be triple OG LIKE ME!
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Tha Triple OG Guide.
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