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 Ignites Moderator Application

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Ignites Moderator Application Empty
PostSubject: Ignites Moderator Application   Ignites Moderator Application I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 24, 2010 11:29 pm

I don't know if applying for the position is still in tact, but here goes nothing.


5 posts (no spam)

Ingame Experience

Dedicated To The Server

How long where you playing?
I have played for at least 30 hours now. Doesn't seem like much but i think its a fair bit of 2 days.

If you were mod/admin what would you do to help Dark-Kaos?
What i'm doing now. Getting recruits and being active. Helping other players with problems and showing knew players around. I wouldn't let my staff position interfere with how i treat people either. Everyone gets the same amount of respect unless otherwise detained.

How would you handle a tough situation with a EX: hacker/duper?
Thats a question with no right answer. It depends on the case. Usually a mod would jump the gun and ban the alleged perpetrator, but in a case where duping is at hand, that wouldn't be fair for the victim, on the idea they lost their items. Hackers are another story. Hopefully in a time like that an administrator would be online to help, because mods, like other players, can be victims of a hacking crime. Again, theres no proper answer. I would do whatever is best for the players in each case, and always earn the victims justice.

Does it change the way you help Dark-Kaos if you were given a spot?
No i don't believe staff would change what i do. I would definetly be more dedicated, and understand the players and the server become first priority, but i feel i will continue to do what i do now. Helping and being active, and recruiting of course.

Why should we choose you for mod?
Well, i suppose my promoter should be the one answering this question. I am no different than any other player. Im dedicated, active, willing to recruit, and helpful. Most everyone on our server is like this. I unlike most people only have 2 recruits, so i guess everyone tops me there. However i did take the time to write up this app, so theres a thumbs up. I dont feel i can answer this question without understanding who i would be as a mod.

Why should we choose you over the next person?
As stated above, i took the time to write this. Other than that im no better than any other player ingame. I would consider myself more dedicated then the next guy, but i bet they would disagree. And Qwerty is waayyy more helpful than me. So yeah again no true answer. Gosh, all these questions are hard to answer when everyones so helpful.

If you didn't Get mod, what would you do?
Be fine with my current placement. I love helping out and being a mod, but it wouldn't kill me not to be one. Its kind of a no biggy situation. Being a player who acts and does things just like a mod is good enough for me. As long as i can help.

Do you help, and get players now?
Yes i do. I would hope everyone agrees. I do have a low recruit count, but i am very helpful and willing to recruit more.

Any other Reason why we should choose you?
Ive been a moderator before. I have modded larger servers than this and understand the proper procedures necessary for most issues and cases. I also feel very obligated to help out smaller servers, i love a small community, no doubt, but i really want to see Dark-Kaos thriving. So yeah thanks for reading this. Smile
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Ignites Moderator Application
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