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PostSubject: QWERTY'S MOD APPLICATION   QWERTY'S MOD APPLICATION I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2010 9:36 am


How long where you playing?for private servers about 3 years

If you were mod/admin what would you do to help Dark-Kaos?i would enforce the rules keep to the rules not abuse powers and do as much as i can to keep the game a and forums a good enviroment

How would you handle a tough situation with a EX: hacker/duper?if i caught them myself i would ban them...but if someone was reporting it to me i would ask if they have 10 witnesses and or a screen shot to prove it otherwords i would talk to them and get to the bottom of the issue to resolve it as quick as possible.

Dose it change the way you help Dark-Kaos if you were given a spot?well yes in ways becayse you have more power and can help out if someone is strictly breaking rules or spamming etc. i would be able to stop the situation before it gets worse.

Why should we choose you for mod?i think you should choose me for mod becasue im dedicated will stay with this server till the end.i love going on forums and spend alot of time ingame helping players and looking over topics i do my best to help impove Dark-Kaos

Why should we choose you over the next person?well you should choose me over the next person because i feel to it as im a very hard working person towaards things i like, which would be helping out this server i would never abuse powers and enforce rules to keep people out of trouble and still have fun playing for everyone.

If you didn't Get mod, what would you do?well i would still play and go on with my gaming but i certainly wouldnt stop helping others and following rules.

Do you help, and get players now?yes i advertise i also vote dailey and have told many people in real life about how great this sever is.

Any other Reason why we should choose you?I am a hard working dedicated to helping out others and would make a great staff member to be added to the team.i am contiantly active and ingame and forums for 6+ hours a day

Thanks for youre time and reading this

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